Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Portland Century

This past weekend I rode the Quarter Century (25 miles) in a relatively new Portland bike event called the Portland Century. On Saturday, the day before the event, I helped out by posting course markers throughout North Portland along the tail end of the 50 and 100 mile routes. It was a learning experience -- finding bike trails I didn't know about. An exhausting day but I'm glad I did it since I saw how much goes into such an event. The day of the ride was a breeze. I could have easily done the 50 miles but when I came to the crossroads where the 25-mile turned off, I decided to err on the side of caution given that I haven't biked a whole lot this summer.

Along the route, the organizers had set up rest stops (just one for the Quarter Century, which was just enough) and to my surprise there was a delicious strawberry shortcake and other treats waiting. I also met up with a few other riders, Bob and Farrah and Beth. Everyone was just so friendly! At the finish line back at the North Park Blocks, we were treated to a fresh wild salmon dinner with organic produce provided, I think, by Pioneer Organics (the competitor to the service we use, Organics To You) and a raspberry cobbler. Oh, I can't forget the free beer provided by Widmer Brewing. I spent about three hours on the ride, including the break, and another three hours after the event, talking with fellow riders as we drank and ate to our hearts' content. The picture of yours truly accompanying this post was taken by fellow rider Bob.

The remaining proceeds of the event fees goes to Hands On Portland which is where I first heard of the volunteer call for the course markers. Thanks y'all!

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