Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eat Local Challenge

One of the blogs I subscribe to is the Eat Local Challenge, and they are urging folks to participate in a month-long challenge for September. I'm in! Maria and I subscribe to Organics To You, a delivery service from which we receive delicious, fresh produce (vegetables & fruit) from an array of local farms. This covers a lot of the food we eat but not all of it by any means. I want to find some good sources of grass-fed, locally-grown chickens, lamb and beef. We eat a fair amount of chicken and much less lamb and beef. So part of my challenge to myself is to find these sources before September 1st.

I've cut down to almost nothing my intake of dairy milk, replacing it with rice milk for my morning cereal (which has been Puffins of late). For the Challenge, I'll have to find a local source of this milk if it exists, and of cereal. These are not going to be as easy to find, I'm afraid, and may have to be my exceptions.

If I continue to bring lunch to work, I can avoid the local restaurant fare and stay true to the Challenge. This has worked well for me for the past few weeks. Cutting out the free chocolate from the company reception area will be tough, even though I justified it because of the benefits of dark chocolate!

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