Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Family

I've been back to blogging for about a month now, covering events and causes of importance, and it has been a lot of fun. Along with these things I care about, there is a wonderful family that I want to recognize. They are my rock and always keep life interesting and fun.

I've been married for almost twenty-five years to my lovely wife Maria. Born on a farm outside of Rome, Italy, and living only a five-minute walk away for the twenty-something years before we met, Maria is one of the reasons I'm who I am today. That's a long story for another time. Today, she is a metaphysical counselor and sole proprietor of the Inner Peace Connection.

We have two children who, and yes this is a cliche but it is so true, we are so proud of! Ken is our oldest and is a personal banker at Wells Fargo while continuing his college studies in the evening. We sometimes wonder how he went from the rebellious teenager to the professional, courteous and kind adult we know today, but then we never shy away from taking credit for him. Here's Ken during one of his Patriot moments as we sat waiting for the Pats to take on Indy last November in Gillette Stadium (yes that's in Massachusetts for my Oregonian friends).

Last but not least is my daughter, Laura, who is just a little over a year younger than her brother. She is in Quebec this fall as an exchange student at an all-French-speaking university. That sort of tells you what Laura's all about -- learn something then dive right in and immerse yourself. She's blogging about it too. When she comes back to Portland, Laura will be graduating from PSU after the spring 2008 term. I'm glad she's frugal and sensible; doesn't want a Lamborgini for a graduation present :)

So that's my immediate family. Pretty cool people, huh? Well, I certainly think so.

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