Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Winter Organic Farmer's Meal

Mmmm! This was probably the most satisfying vegetarian meal I've ever had. Maria made it entirely from organic produce we receive in weekly deliveries from Organics To You. Most of their produce is from local farms. In the case of this meal, all of it may be with the exception of the pinto beans and the olive oil (although both are organic). Starting from the top of the plate, we have Chiogga beets with their distinctive red and white rings, roasted red and purple potatoes, boiled acorn squash and carrots then enhanced with a brown sugar and butter glaze, kale sauteed with pinto beans and caramelized onions, and finally an artichoke. I didn't actually eat the artichoke, not my favorite vegetable, but put it on the plate for the shot.

This morning Maria said that she was thinking of making a vegetable smorgasbord but after eating it, when I asked her what she would call it, she said it is a winter farmer's meal. So there you have it. Thanks honey!

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