Friday, October 12, 2007

Young bicyclist killed on W. Burnside

This is tragic. A nineteen-year-old art student, riding in a bike lane, was killed by a truck on West Burnside Street in Portland yesterday. If you've got a bike and live in the Portland area, come to the memorial ride tonight, Friday, at 6:30pm starting at the west side of the Burnside Bridge.

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Kilong Ung said...

I am sad that this happened. I am grateful that Portland has been advocating bicycling. However, I don't think Portland has done enough. As I had mentioned to a few city commissioners that bicycles and cars don't mix. If we are serious about promoting bicycles, we need to dedicate streets to bicycles only.

More on how important bicyclists are to saving the earth, please read:

Bob, thanks for informing us of this incident.

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